Super Choropū

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Super Choropū
Super Choropu.png
Super Choropū's appearance in Super Mario-kun Volume 1
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 1 (1991)
Species Big Monty Mole

Super Choropū (スーパーチョロプー, translates to "Super Monty Mole") is a big Monty Mole who appears in Super Mario-kun volume 1. as the main antagonist of the seventh chapter.

After Yoshi eats the three Monty Moles that were attacking him and Mario, Super Choropū emerges from the ground, furious at the both of them killing the Monty Moles. Yoshi tells Mario to fight Super Choropū, but Mario attempts to run away from the fight. Super Choropū then kicks Mario into a ? Block which, to Mario's luck, happened to contain multiple Fire Flowers. Mario uses the Fire Flowers to quickly burn Super Choropū and defeat them.