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Level infobox


This is the standard level infobox template.

|title= By default, this is not necessary, as it will automatically use the article title. If the article title is different than the level name, usually if it has an identifier in the title, it can be manually specified.
|image= A representative image of the level - ideally, the level's most recognizable feature.
|code= The level's "world-level" ID in the game it appears in.
|franchise= The franchise that the level appears in
|series= The game series that the level appears in
|first_appearance= The first game that the level appears in
|latest_appearance= The latest game that the level appears in, usually a remake of the game in which it originally appeared.
|world= The world that the level is featured in.
|playable= The characters who are playable in the level.
|time_limit= The level's time limit.
|music_track= The name of the music track that plays during the level.
|boss= The level's boss, if there is one.
|previous= The previous level(s) in progression order
|next= The following level(s) in progression order
|secret= A secret level following after, if applicable.
|sample= Sample of the background music used in the level.
{{level infobox