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Okay wait wait, I like that you're creating the Princess Zelda article, but the text is copied from Zelda Wiki, which uses the incompatible GFDL content license (whereas Nintendo Wiki uses CC-BY-SA). I'm going to have to remove significant chunks of the article. Bawitdaba (talk) 15:22, June 7, 2022 (UTC)

Alright done -- see here. Are you ok? If you want to use a basis, I suggest Zeldapedia, especially as the wiki has been closed, or Triforce Wiki. Bawitdaba (talk) 15:26, June 7, 2022 (UTC)
Well, yes, but that's a lot of wasted work. I didn't know that, there was nothing to indicate that. Darkrai18 (talk) 15:31, June 7, 2022 (UTC)
I'm very sorry about that. It isn't like my rules but more the terms of the content license, if that makes sense. Your revision is still within the page history. I suppose you could go to Request wiki and request a Zelda wiki with a GFDL license & then move that work there. I'm just tryin to help if that makes sense. Bawitdaba (talk) 15:35, June 7, 2022 (UTC)
As I told you on my wiki, I am rewriting. Darkrai18 (talk) 15:38, June 7, 2022 (UTC)
Ok Bawitdaba (talk) 15:51, June 7, 2022 (UTC)